Tuesday, June 9, 2015

At Lockport we as a district have decided to use the learning management system Haiku. Generally I very much like this LMS. Setting it up and posting assignments and resources and such is very easy. The only problem I really have with it is the calander. It is ok if you post your schedule and never change it. Unfortunately I shuffle things around, as far as my schedule goes, all the time. Moving things around on the Haiku calander is a huge pain and very counter intuitive so halfway through the year I just stopped using the calander because it would take me so long to change things around and I figured I could be using my time for better things. I would really like to either find a better calander program or solution so I can more easily have my schedule posted for my students or I wish Haiku would make the calander a little easier to work with.

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  1. Have you considered simply embedding the Google Calendar into your class website--or maybe in Haiku LMS (if it takes embeds)?

    How funny you're talking about LMSs. I just finished writing an article on LMSs--Jupiter iO and Otus. I wish I'd talked to you about Haiku before.